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Such a Dime "DCN Images"

One photographer who I will not let go of is Dwayne from DCN Images! Over the years we have grown to become great friends and it is always nice to have someone in the industry who has your back. We will soon be going into our 5th year of working together, and I can honestly say that each and every shoot has been so unique and enjoyable - I look forward to many more great experiences! I feel very privileged to be able to work so closely with him on countless occasions, as he is one of few photographers who in my opinion has mastered all elements of being a "great photographer", as described in my previous blog.

All of the photos in this blog are from our recent photoshoots together and I just had to give a shout out for his fabulous work! Not only does Dwayne's work look flawless every time, but he is extremely easy to work with, creative, sincere, productive and professional - I am always ecstatic when I see the final edits! He never fails to amaze me!

Looking for a photographer? I highly recommend DCN Images for any event or upcoming projects. You won't be disappointed!

He specialize in:

- Family portraits

- Model portfolios

- Newborn

- Maternity... and more

Dwayne C Nelson is the CEO and Main Photographer for DCN Images. What started out as a hobby of taking creative pictures of friends and family became a passion, that passion soon became a part time business. Within a matter of months he has become a sought after photographer in the Greater Toronto Area. Dwayne specializes in Self and Family Portraits and also has experience with Weddings, Events and Club Photography. He thrives on the expectation of his clients being more than satisfied with his work and goes out of his way to do any project in excellence and in a professional manner.

Can't get enough of DCN Images? Neither can I! Check out his website below along with more of our photos together throughout the years!





Twitter: dcnimages

Instagram: dcn_images


Phone: 647-834-1373


Mission: Preserving your special moments

DCN Images formally known as Stillz Photography has been in business since 2007. We are a team of young entrepreneurs who focus on our clients needs and make them a reality that exceed their expectations. DCN Images provides a wide range of photographic genres for you to take advantage of. We also provide specialized printing services which include Enlarged Prints, Cavas, Plaques, Custom Wedding Albums and many more.


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