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Melanie McGregor models for Saldenah's "Jumbie" this April 17, 2015.


Please support in this annual local cultural event in Toronto, Canada on April 17, 2015. You will not what to miss out on this upbeat event!

Every year talented designed across the GTA come together to showcase their creativity. Each year gets better and better as designers try to top their last year's designs. Do you love fashion and music? Then this is the event for you!

This year, Saldenah will be featuring artist Machel Montano music along with their elaborate designs. This will be Melanie McGregor's 3rd year volenteering with Saldenah's Band and she is excited to be a front liner for "Jumbie" section by Section Leader Ronny Saldenah and designer Sophia Rickson (Devyani Costume Design and Production).

"We have a very unique and distint look this year, I can not wait to wow the audience," Melanie says.

Come let loose with Saldenah's and choose the costume you want to march down the road with this year! You will not be disappointed.

Tickets are ON SALE now!

Date: April 17, 2015

Location: Chandi Grand, 3895 McNicoll Avenue, Scarborough

Price: Only $25.00 in advance


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