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Height: 5'10         Bust: 34          Waist: 25          Hips: 35       Inseam: 32      Eyes: Brown          Hair: Brown

Swimsuit International Finalist 2016                  Swimsuit Int., Dominican Republic

SUSA Canada 2016 4th Runner Up                      SUSA Canada, Montreal

Miss Swimsuit Canada 2016 2nd Runner Up       Miss Swimsuit Canada, Montreal

Miss Chin Bikini 2015 1st Runner Up                   Miss Chin, Toronto

Miss Universe Canada 2015 Top 12 Overall          Miss Universe Canada, Toronto

Miss Tourism Int. Canada 2014                           Miss Tourism Int., China

Miss United Continents Canada 2013                 Miss United Continents, Ecuador

Miss Tourism World Canada 2012                       Miss Tourism World, Thailand

Miss Canada Tourism 2011                                 Miss Canada Tourism 2011, Canada

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