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At the age of three, Melanie was already performing on stage and this was when her love for performing ignited.  To this day, Melanie performs in a host of different areas of the entertainment industry including on stage, on camera, and as a business entrepreneur.


Through her early years as a dancer and theatre actress, Melanie performed in community theatres and dance studios partaking in recitals and musicals.  As she grew older into her teen years, she joined a talent agency in Toronto that specialized in producing models and television actresses; this introduced a completely different side of the entertainment industry.  After working with the talent agency for several months, Melanie was able to make her debut as a runway model at the age of 17 for large modeling and corporate events such as “Mac Fashion” and “Fashion Week”.  It was here where she was further introduced to the opportunity of developing her persona on television as a commercial model, as well as being involved in small actress roles on sitcoms, music videos, and movies such as Vin Diesel’s “XXX”.


Melanie’s overall experiences in the entertainment industry have greatly impacted her life and future, starting with the launch of her dance company, “Get Low Dance Co.” at the age of 16. Now at over ten years in business, Melanie has found success in the foundation of her company’s mission which is to help others change their lives through dance, culture, and fitness.  Melanie has a big heart, and with her business having a stance that seeks to help people enjoy life through dance, physical fitness and healthy living, she hopes to reach the hearts and lives of others worldwide.


Melanie has taken her passion for dance a step further over the years by working for several professional performance companies.  Melanie has, and continues to perform as a dancer in many styles including Belly Dancing, Hawaiian, Latin, Samba, and Folk, just to name a few.  She has performed both nationally and internationally in Canada and the United States for live events and corporate parties.  Melanie had advanced strongly in Belly Dancing when she took on a six-month contract in Miami, Florida in 2013 and has now become recognized as a certified International Belly Dancer.  She continues to work with a wide range of agents and companies as a dance performer and continues to challenge her dance skills by joining dance classes with well-known choreographers. 


As an established model, Melanie wishes to use her strengths to reach out and encourage up-and- coming entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams of starting a career in an industry they love.  At the age of 23, Melanie entered and won her first pageant, “Miss Tourism Canada.”  This helped enable her to give back to her community in multiple charity and fundraising events for today’s youth.  After winning “Miss Tourism Canada”, she was asked to represent Canada in Thailand at “Miss Tourism World”, in Ecuador at “Miss United Continents”, and in China at “Miss Tourism International”. 


In 2015, Melanie took on her greatest challenge by competing in “Miss Universe Canada”, where she placed in the Top 12 overall and Top 3 for ‘Best Cat Walk’.  More accomplishments of Melanie’s include placing 2nd in her first ever bikini competition at “Miss Chin Canada” and placing 3rd at “Miss Swimsuit USA”. 


Her experiences in the world of dance, modelling, and business at a young age has provided her with an extensive skill set to overcome challenges and face her fears head on.  In 2014, Melanie received recognition by Burman Books who was interested in hearing her life story as an entrepreneur for their fourth edition of “Making it in High Heels”.  They strive to find inspiring females to tell their stories to help motivate women of all ages through any hardships they may be enduring; Melanie had her story published in “Making it in High Heels” in January of 2016.


Melanie believes that with every experience she has had thus far in her active career, helps build her self-assurance and determination to become a stronger individual.  She is confident that by sharing her life story, she will be able to motivate others to follow their bliss through hard work, determination, willpower, and resilience, just like she has.

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